Method Of Defiance - Inamorata

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BILL LASWELL enlists influential musicians HERBIE HANCOCK, PHAROAH SANDERS, BUCKETHEAD, JOHN ZORN, and others in collaborating with the cream of the drum n bass crop - represented by Evol Intent, Paradox, Submerged, Black Empire, Fanu, and others, to create a memorable masterpiece. Electronics vs. musicians in an unforgettable journey through uncharted territories. Method of Defiance is Bill Laswell’s newest super group - drum n bass/electronic beat meets flesh and blood musicians. Inamorata is possibly one of his most ambitious projects in a prolific career that has included producing Grammy winning albums and singles for Herbie Hancock – who makes an appearance here on electric piano, playing over Paradox breaks. All in all, 12 beatsmiths were commissioned from the top tiers of drum n bass – including Black Sun Empire, Evol Intent, Submerged, new wunderkinds Amit, and Fanu, and also Metalheadz stalwarts Outrage and DStar. Musicians were selected from the Miles Davis era of electronic fusion (Pete Cosey, Dave Liebman) to modern virtuosos such as Buckethead and Nils Petr Molvaer. The world of free jazz and avant composition weighs in throughout, with John Zorn and the Masada Strings, Toshinori Kondo, and legendary tenor player Pharoah Sanders. The concept of combining electronic beatmasters and virtuostic players has yielded an unforgettable masterpiece – a dark vortex of electronics and musicians blending into an infinitely listenable journey.