Matt Elliott - Howling Songs [vinyl 2LP + downloadcode]

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LP INCL. DOWNLOAD-CARD Reverse Cardboard Gatefold Sleeve Printed Inner-Sleeves
"Howling songs" is the magnificent third and last part to the "songs trilogy". We are back to this slavonic tune, without any definite frontier, whose only and constant heritage finds its roots in European music. This is a very haunted and personal piece of music which is the testimony of a unique talent where moving melodies follow other moving melodies balancing between ballad songs and folk music, madness and reason, revolt and despair. "Howling songs" sympathises with the surrounding world, it is a definitive observation in which one can feel, throughout the songs, an outraged sensitivity which is the signature of the artist. It is all the more sensitive that Matt's voice is sometimes present without any chorus in the background, bringing to the whole both confidence and unquestionable heat. "Howling songs" is, without a doubt, the most introspective album by Matt Elliott and the one which carries best his musical personality.