Threnody - A Paradigm Of Suspicion

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  • Producent: Trost
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Premiera: 27.09.2019

Threnody is the unmissable force from three prominent improvising musicians; Martin Küchen (saxophone), Johan Berthling (bass) and Steve Noble (drums). Previously established as a trio formation under their full names, the trio has released their first album Threnody, at the Gates on Trost records in 2017.

Johan Berthling – double bass
Martin Küchen – retardophone, sopranino-, alto-, and tenor saxophone
Steve Noble – drums

release date - 27th of September 2019

1 Who's After You
2 Music Is (Pretty Much) Over
3 Where Am I, Where Were You
4 We Will All Have Our Share In A World Divided

Recording: Daniel Bengtsson at Studio Rymden Stockholm, January 2018
Mix: Andreas Werliin
Mastering: Martin Siewert

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