Sprawl - Sprawl [vinyl]

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SPRAWL is the project of drummer Michael Wertmüller (16-17, Alboth! Full Blast) who had the idea
of bringing together the musicians he appreciates most and has worked with in various contexts for
a special onetime recording project.
„The main idea was to create an album which incorporates the rough energy of "Machine Gun" based on
improvisation, the electricity of 16-17 and the application of experimental recording techniques which give
the album its own, very special feeling.“
SPRAWL marked the beginn of our cooperation with Peter Brötzmann in 1997 after we organised a
ALBOTH show with Michael Wertmüller. Now many years later finally sees this intense and beautifully
harsh piece of music for the first time on vinyl! remasterd and re-cut by Wertmüller and Buess.

1 – Marter der Metalle
2 – Zweites Purgatorium
3 – Dunkel-Zeiten
4 – Erstes Purgatorium