Winter Family - Chevaliers [vinyl]

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Winter Family is a duo made up of Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine.Their dark, saturated and dense music is described as 'Death Swing', 'Weird Wave' or 'Funeral Pop'.

This new album was recorded in St Martin Church of Maxeville, France for a dance piece and was remixed in 2020, it was never published before.
Xavier: "I recorded the pipe organ there, inspired by the Alsatian philanthropist organist Albert Schweitzer whose slow, bombastic performances, limited by faulty technique have always touched me deeply. In 2006, my aunt Loulou agrees to lend me the keys to the church. Ten years later, Loulou passes away, I play on this same pipe organ during her funeral. During the fall of 2018, in her room with old floral wallpapers, so cold, that I empty, surrounded by her missals and huge crucifixes I remix this pipe organs and the voice of Ruth.
Through this late remixing, we wanted to deliver this woman from her agony, her eyes turned to the milkish Lotharingia sky and beyond, trying to illustrate this Catholic France of yesterday, as vain and terrifying as a month of November in this cold and humid garden, within reach of the incessant song of the A31 highway."

Winter Family is Ruth Rosenthal (Jerusalem) & Xavier Klaine (Lotharingia). They met in Jaffa in 2004. Winter Family published 3 albums on Sub Rosa, Alt.vinyl, Ici d'Ailleurs.
Their 'weird wave' or 'funeral pop' music is minimal, dark, politic. Xavier plays pipe organs, harmoniums, philicorda, piano... Ruth play machines, drums and voice. They performs in churches, clubs, galeries and venues and sometimes Saralei their daughter perform with them. They create also documentary theater shows on tour all over the world.

track listing LP

side 1
Chevaliers part 1 20'31
side 1
Chevaliers part 2 23'42