V/A - Music From Yemen Arabia (2CD)

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Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni and Samar
Recorded by Ragnar Johnson and Jessica Mayer

6 page digipack + booklet

These songs originate from the city of Sanaa, the sheikdom of Lahej and the port of Aden.
Samar is the delicious, luxury time when people gather for relaxation, refreshment and music.

This record contains oudh playing, percussion and singing from Yemen. The three Kawkabani brothers sing traditional poems and play oudh (lute), double drums, tambourine and, occasionally, the kanoun (zither). They were recorded in Sanaa in 1973. The oudh player Hassan al Zabeede and his double drum playing brother sing songs in the Lahej style and were recorded in Taez in 1973.

tracklisting 2CD

Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni
01 You Said That You Would Forget Me 12.33
02 Wa Seed Ana Lak Min Al Khodan 6.50
03  Ana Mush Areemak 5.14
04 Tabal Samar 7.40
05 Wa Mogarred Bi Wadi Aldoore 5.59
06 Ya Sabooh Al Enab 10.32

01 Leish Teguib 5.32
02 Al Sabah 6.59
03 Keef Faiah 11.14
04 'A'Zaffer Sanaa Wedding Song 22.43