Michel Redolfi - Sonic Waters, Underwater Music 1979-1987 [CD]

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A work that literally immerses the listener into an acoustical substance. The sound becomes almost like matter, like jelly. Soon, you're swimming in sound, getting lost inside it.
Released in our Early Electronic series

Sonic Waters

With the Sonic Waters project initiated in 1978, my aim was to situate field of electronic music within a liberating and futuristic experience, outside the concert halls and in sync with the development of new instruments - in particular the Synclavier digital synthesizer, the first model of which I acquired in 1977. As concert space, the Pacific Ocean seemed to me to be the ideal experimental medium for both acoustic and cultural reasons. I then developed the aesthetic and technical elements that would contribute to the conception of Underwater Music.
Numerous performances would follow spanning four decades, in natural sites or in large public pools such as those of Sydney, Paris or Venice during the 2006 Biennale.
I've divided this album into 2 fields:
Sonic Waters: Music for Fresh Water (1981)
Sonic Waters: Music for Salt Water (1979-1987)

Michel Redolfi

Michel Redolfi (1951), French composer and sound artist, is the
founder of Underwater Music. The natural elements captured and
highlighted by experimental technology are a constant in Redolfi's
catalogue: many compositions explore the earth environments such
as in 'Pacific Tubular Waves', 'Jungles', 'Desert Tracks' (re-released on
Sub Rosa records) and especially with 'Sonic Waters', a work that
literally immerses the listener into an acoustical substance. During
the mid-seventies Redolfi carried out his electro-acoustic research
in the United States, with major electronic music centers including
the California Institute of the Arts and chiefly the University of
California in San Diego. As invited resident of their studios, Michel
Redolfi launched the underwater music concerts, with the series
'Sonic Waters' performed in the Pacific Ocean. Michel Redolfi's
underwater creations have since been regularly programmed by
major international festivals, with multi-media installations held
in ecological marine reserves or in historical city pools. Among them,
the Sydney Festival, Paris 'Nuit Blanche', Ars Electronica in Linz,
the 2006 Venice Biennale (nominated Golden Lion) and lately the
2018 Ars Musica festival in Brussels. This record presents different
variations of Sonic Waters from 1980 to 1987, alternating studio
mixes with their re-recordings in the depths of the Pacific.
Michel Redolfi CD's and LP's are currently published by Sub Rosa,
INA-GRM and Radio France.

tracklisting LP / CD

01. Overture 7'45 / 1981
02. Fluide et sonique 4'22 / 1981
03. Arabesque i 1'15 / 1981
04. Nocturnal 3'52 / 1981
05. Carillon 2'23 / 1981
06. Arabesque ii 1'18 / 1981
07. La jolla cove live recording 4'10 / 1981

08. Fractions (la nouvelle atlantide) 9'32 / 1987
09. Wind and sea 5'40 / 1979
10. Sunny afternoon at bird rock beach 12'04 / 1983