KOSMOSE - Kosmic Music From The Black Country [black & green vinyl 2LP]

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Never released before recordings from Mythic Kosmiche belgian band Kosmose (1973-78).

Kosmose can be approached as a collective without a specific leader. The line-up fluctuated quite a lot around a rock-solid core formed by Alain Neffe and Francis Pourcel.
As you will hear, their sound evolved from something deeply influenced by Kosmische Musik to a purely improvised form of noisy free jazz.
The whole adventure took place in the heart of the '70s, almost under wraps, though most rehearsals were taped by Neffe.

tracklisting / 2LP
side A
01 The Second Untitled Track / B.93.1  6'40
02 The Third Untitled Track / B.30.4  9'30
03 The Fourth Untitled Track / B.64.7  4'20

side B
01 The Fifth Untitled Track / B.40.9  5'45
02 The Sixth Untitled Track / B.80.3  13'30

side C
01  The Seventh Untitled Track / B.101.2  22'40

side D
01 The Eighth Untitled Track / KS  18'56