Daniel Aspuru, Manrico Montero, Steven Brown - Correspondances [CD]

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An extension of our CONCRETE ELECTRONICS NOISE, a brand new mix-up of unusual conceptions of sound material by young unknown composers, well known not-so-young composers and old but clever composers.

I had heard so much about the machine created by Daniel Aspuru that my curiosity turned to desire. The transductor eolico is not an easy item to move around and as there were no concerts on the horizon I decided to follow my intuition and invite Steven, Daniel and Manrico to spend some time in La Perrera, located in my house in Oaxaca, Mexico in order to experiment with the TE and eventually produce material for a record.
During this ten day residence La Perrera was transformed into a recording studio and my home into a sound laboratory. There was no budget for this project but there were friends and accomplices to whom we give our sincere gratitude.
Gabriela Leon (co-producer)

'To fully appreciate the nature of this instrument, I invite you to listen to the track Living Pillars, a solo performance by the Eolic Transducer where Gabriela's garden is transformed into a temple of transcendental wonderment.'
Steven Brown


01 Living Pillars 04:22
02 First Symbol 04:43
03 Correspondances 05:35
04 Familiar Glances 04:09
05 White Magic 04:29
06 Second Symbol 03:08
07 Vain Little Breath 06:04
08 Third Symbol 02:34
09 Under the Cannonfire of Time 03:40