Klangwart - Bogota [vinyl + CD]

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Premiera: 13.03.2019

The "ElderStatesmen of Neo-Krautrock": Electro-duo Klangwart was thought-provokinglylabelled as such by an inventive music journalist when presenting theirprevious album "Transit" (named, among others, Record of the Year in the"Avant-Rock" section of The Wire's 2016 Critics Poll). The tag responds to anunderstandable attempt at finding a category for one of the most singularphenomena of the electronic music scene.

It mightbe more passing to call them the "Under-Statesmen", as minimalism andunderstatement are key elements of the Klangwart project, founded more than 20years ago by musician and author Timo Reuber and DJ and Staubgold label managerMarkus Detmer.

Everyfew years, seemingly coming out of nowhere, the duo release a consistentlycritically acclaimed Klangwart album, give a couple ofàconcerts, anddisappear once again. This might sound of harakiri, as it contradicts allcommon rules of the music market. But behind it lies a profound longing forveracious expression on the border between avant-garde and entertainment.

In2014, Klangwart travelled to the Colombian capital in order to record thematerial for "Bogotá" with protagonists of the local music scene: Damián Ponce(drums), César Quevedo (bass) and Eblis Alvarez (violoncello), members of TheMeridian Brothers, and singers Juanita and Valentina Añez Rothmann a.k.a. LasAñez. The result is Klangwart's trademark sound permeated by a Latin Americanpulse and pitch.

Collectivelyimprovised and recorded in a matter of days, the raw material was later editedand mixed by Reuber at the Inkiek-Studio in Cologne.àJoseph Suchy addedguitar overdubs and mastered the album.

Atall times unpredictable, exciting and surprising, "Bogotá" is the latestmilestone in Klangwart's ongoing musical journey.
Includes free CD version of the album. Recorded in Bogotá featuringmembers of the Meridian Brothers andàLas Añez.