Alejandro Franov - Khali

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Argentinian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alejandro Franov is one of the key figures of the alternative folk and world music scene of his country, brought to worldwide critical acclaim by singer/sonwriter and actress Juana Molina. Franov collaborated with Juana Molina on three of
her albums, "Segundo" (2000), "Tres Cosas" (2002) and "Son" (2006).
With "Khali" Staubgold is proud to present his first worldwide release, after five solo albums which have only been released in South America and Japan.

"Khali" which is mainly based on three instruments - the African mbira, the Paraguayan harp arpa and the Indian sitar - is the result of Franov's studies in African and Arabic music, especially the music of the Shona from Zimwbabwe. He carefully combines these unique instruments with percussion, voices and minimal electronics in order to create a comfortably floating stream of world music in the purest sense, hardly relating to any certain country or region.

On the one hand "Khali" is the name of the Croatian island where Franov's grandfather was born, on the other hand it's taken from the tabla rhythm cycle of Hindustani music, and it's the name of a Hindu goddess.

Born in 1972, today Alejandro Franov is one of the most important musicians in Argentina. His unique musical talent has attracted many artists and led to collaborations with Juana Molina, Liliana Herrero, Fernando Kabusacki, Mono Fontana, Santiago Vasquez, Seiichi Yamamoto (Rovo, ex-Boredoms), Yuji Katsui (Rovo), Kama Aina and many more.

LINERNOTES by Alejandro Franov (taken from the album sleeve):

In my album lies a little bit of what happened at the time of my life. My first cd "Accesorion" (2002) was essentially experimental. I tried to stay away from melodic motifs and concentrated on loops and meaningless tones of the bell. It consists of numerous sessions and it took five years to self-produce and finish the album. For the next cd "Yusuy" (2002) I collaborated with Ernesto Snajer. He brought a whole new line to my works. Ernesto Snajer actually produced my songs and small instrumental pieces that I had already finished writing.

The album "Rio" (2003) I once again self-produced and recorded at home, focusing on songs that were rising from the bottom of my heart. "Opsigno" (2004) was the first cd to have Emiliano Rodriguez as a producer and engineer and the result was wonderful. It also led to
exploring further possibilities of recording.
And this "Khali" album was born. We started using three instruments: arpa, mbira and sitar. And the "Khali" concept has developed and is now accompanied by additional instruments. On the other hand, I had a special feeling towards the Shona of Zimbabwe from a little while ago.
The mbira is an instrument that speaks the whole tradition of their sacred music of some thousand years of history. I recorded two themes from their traditional repertoire: "Shumba" and "Karigamombe". They both exist for more than 1000 years now and they are the songs that
especially bring back the spirit. Besides the tradition of Shona and the original method of my composing, I feel a significant influence of Afro-Arabic music. You could tell that from one of my earliest songs, "Sudan".
"Khali" gives me pride. It feels like a big root growing in all directions.
(Alejandro Franov)

discography (solo albums)

2000 Accesorion cd
2002 Yusuy cd
2003 Rio cd
2004 Opsigno cd
2005 Melodia cd
2007 Khali cd/lp

track listing:
01. Micerino Alap
02. Micerino Tema
03. Shumba
04. Gandanga
05. Pasando El Mar
06. Khali
07. Sumatra
08. Luxor
09. Isis
10. Nyamaropa
11. Sudan
12. Cuentos
13. Karigamombeto