Muslimgauze - Souk Bou Saada

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archive series volume three   (April 26, 2011)
digipak w/clear tray
limited edition of 700

Boomkat review:

Heavily seasoned Muslimgauze beats for the connoisseurs! The latest discovery in Staalplaat's ongoing reissue series excavates eight of the rarest delicacies hand-cooked in the kitchen studio of Bryn Jones. 'Hindu Gold Leaf' is the ghostly starter of fading Punjabi song, before the concoction of dipping Bhangra breaks and noise interference on 'Maskara' wildly jolts the senses with wickedly jarring fluctuations in amplitude and velocity. Again the killer breaks and spindly strings of 'Tariq Aziz' are deep fried in a light batter of noise, before 'Salman Pak, Baghdad' switches territory to more ornate, incredibly funky drum loops interjected with cascading harps. At the album's apex we find the hypnotic 12 minutes of drones and darkside electro on 'Algiers And Karachi' which deeply reminds of the recent Vatican Shadow releases by Prurient, while obviously predating them by well over ten years. Further, we find the exotic atmospheric texture infusions of 'Injoy Your Bombay Duck', the fuzzed-out dub dessert 'Arzuaga Jade' and the uptempo caffeine boost 'Your Snake Charm'. Masterful, incredible and singular.


    Hindu Gold Leaf  (0:36)
    Maskara  (9:43)
    Tariq Aziz  (10:43)
    Salman Pak, Baghdad  (5:39)
    Algiers And Karachi  (12:35)
    Injoy Your Bombay Duck  (11:42)
    Arzuaga Jade  (5:02)
    Your Snake Charm  (11:13)