Muslimgauze - Satyajit Eye

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  • Producent: Staalplaat
  • Dostępność: Jest
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It is rumored that if we mortals try to rewrite down everything that Mozart ever composed it would take us 80 years to do so, but then Mozart only lived tob e 35. There is something similar with the work of Bryn Jones, also known as Muslimgauze. He died in 1999 at the age of thirty-eight but produced an incredible body of work of which still not all has been released.

From the ultra creative period that brought us 'Hamas Arc' and 'Vote Hezbollah', but also the lost album 'Shekel Of Israeli Occupation' (which master was returned to Bryn Jones since it's dedication to the PLO was regarded as betrayal by Jones when PLO signed a peace treaty in 1993, and the music was erased), came the first signs of much more material, so that Staalplaat decided to add a free release as part of the cover of 'Hamas Arc': if you would send in a blank DAT and cut out the insert from the CD cover, thus having a j-card for the DAT you'd a free six song DAT only release (and mind: xeroxes not accepted). 'Hamas Arc' turned out to be one of the most succesful releases of Muslimgauze and endless amounts of DATs have been copied. Three original pieces, and three remixes from 'Vote Hezbollah' plus three pieces that were on the original DAT master of this, but, for reasons we no longer know, not used on the DAT release. Surpringly enough, 'Satyajit Eye' was bootlegged only this year and not earlier. This expanded version however completes the whole picture for this album, showing us first signs of looking towards Indian music, but also with breezy, desert like rhythms and sounds, such as the intense 'Zion Poison' (which reminds us of O Yuki Conjugate) or the way out music of the title track. 'Satyajit Eye' is a mysterious album, full of hidden layers and evoke a lonely, yet warm feeling of sun covered sand dunes.

1     Amritsar
2     Re-mix From
3     Re-mix From
4     Re-mix From
5     Zion Poison
6     Tuareg
7     Satyajit Eye
8     Dhobi
9     Caste