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Brandi Ifgray - Stargazer (feat. Jimi Tenor)

Brandi Ifgray - Stargazer (feat. Jimi Te...

Stargazer is Brandi Ifgrays second solo album. It was recorded in NYC summer 1998 and was produced by Jimi Tenor. Maurice Fulton was playing on several songs. Prior to the album release he remixed 3 of the album songs on Puu-14. Tracklisting 1 Free (feat. Tadayuki Hirano & Hisao Oka) [clip] 2 Brains (feat. Tuomo Puranen) [clip] 3 Scam (feat. Tuomo Puranen, Tadayuki Hirano & John Tirado) [clip] 4 Freeloading (feat. Jimi Tenor, Tuomo Puranen & Maurice Fulton) [clip] 5 Seas of Mars (feat. Tuomo Puranen, Tadayuki Hirano, Marco Kosonen, Jimi Tenor, Lada, Lizzie, Mervi & Sharon) [clip] 6 Mono (Original Album Version) [feat. Tuomo Puranen] [clip] 7 Ears (feat. Tuomo Puranen) [clip] 8 Bones (Original Album Version) [feat. Ilkka Mattila, Tuomo Puranen, Marco Kosonen & Jimi Tenor] [clip] 9 No Chance (feat. Tuomo Puranen) [clip] 10 Sirens (feat. Tuomo Puranen, Marco Kosonen & Lary Seven) [clip] ...

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Martin Rev - Strangeworld

Martin Rev - Strangeworld

Tracklisting 1 My Strange World [clip] 2 Sparks [clip] 3 Solitude [clip] 4 Funny [clip] 5 Ramblin [clip] 6 Trouble [clip] 7 Splinters [clip] 8 Cartoons [clip] 9 One Track Mind [clip] 10 Chalky [clip] 11 Jacks And Aces [clip] 12 Reading My Mind [clip] 13 Day and Night [clip] "Strangeworld is a delectable piece of raining-on-prom-night pop, and a fantasia for broken (hearted) synthesisers, and a doo-wob electro karaoke bar in a Phillip K Dick cityscape... It's a lot like Suicide's best opium bubblegum songs "Dream Baby Dream" and "Cheree" but better, sadder and weirder; without a hint of irony." Frances May Morgan (Plan B Feb/Mach 2006)...

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Atom TM - Cold Memories [2CD]

Atom TM - Cold Memories [2CD]

Cold Memories is Atom Heart's contribution to Ambient City radio project realized first time in Helsinki in 1994. The original DAT-tape was compiled by Atom Heart from dubs and versions of his previously released tracks such as "Holon", "Data Haiku", "One Atomsecond" and "Ode to b.g." among others. Tracks were mixed together with unreleased songs making all together 2 hours continuous music that was devided into two parts for the double CD issue. Cold Memories is together with Aphex Twins' Ambient Works the cleanest and most crystallized samples of the ambient techno movement in Europe in early 90's.Tracklista: 1. Cold Memories Part 1 [play] [save as] 2. Cold Memories Part 2 [play] [save as] ...

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