Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra - On Jupiter

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Kosmiczne funky człowieka orkiestry Sun Ra (Herman Poole Blount) i jego legendarnej Słonecznej Arkestry. Powstałe w 1979 r. nagrania pełne są zadziwiających solówek i improwizacji i słychać w nich prawdziwą miłość do grania.

Recorded in 1979, this shows the funky alien and his band of merry men on fine (upbeat...) form with three of the most soulful jams they've ever committed to wax. The big moment here for me is the extended twenty minute freak-out of 'Seductive Fantasy' which gives you on one side of vinyl the reason why so many of us are obsessed with Sun Ra - it's free jazz to a point, but rarely does free music become so triumphant and so enjoyable. There's nothing stuffy about the jams here, we're catching Ra in his late 70s period, where he plays for the love of playing and has surrounded himself with enough like minded musicians to create a holy unity of spiritual sound. 'On Jupiter' is a collection of revelatory music from a singular musical talent, and those of you who have been diving into the whole New Weird America movement would do well to explore one of the pioneers of 'weird' music... Massive.



On Jupiter
Seductive Fantasy