ZENTONE - Zenzile Meets High Tone [vinyl 2LP]

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  • Producent: Jarring Effects
  • Dostępność: Jest
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Reedycja wydanej w 2006 roku wspólnej płyty dwóch francuskich formacji dubowych: Zenzile i High Tone.

Following the concept of former collaborations with Kaly Live Dub (Kaltone), Improvisators Dub (Highvisators) and Wang Lei (Wangtone), High Tone and Zenzile have collaborated to produce a record that isn’t just made of many influences, but a record that effectively and credibly adds to the genres of electronica, rock, techno, and of course dub. This release will spread out the combined power of the two most recognized French dub bands. First, they worked hard on the basis of 11 tracks. Then, each band brought their touch on the mixing step resulting in two versions of each track and different moods. The production will be available on CD and double LP, each containing different versions of the tracks.

1 - the source
2 - zentown
3 - crash test
4 - dub invaders
5 - organ gift
6 - pulse weed
7 - breathe
8 - deeper
9 - the drop
10 - wide screen