Brain Damage - Talk The Talk

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Last year Brain Damage released the album « Walk the walk », unanimously acclaimed by critics, and considered as one of the cornerstones of his discography.

The album was recorded at the legendary «Harry J Studio» (Bob Marley, Steel Pulse). It was for Martin an opportunity to meet many Reggae’s legends. Finally in featuring: Horace Andy, Willi Williams, Winston Mc Anuff, Ras Michael and Kiddus I.

A year after Brain Damage is back with «Talk the Talk», an album compiling the dub versions of each of the pieces of the previous opus. To enhance each of this songs, Martin Nathan had chosen to call another legend :Father Wee Pow, founder of the Jamaican sound system Stone Love, famous since 1972!

« Talk the talk » is composed by sound manipulations, sometimes noisy, mixed to the ravishing Elders’ chorus. Each dub version is shaped with a lot of echoes, reverbs, fake accidents, all demonstrating mastery. One of the particularities of «Talk the Talk» is that each song systematically ended with some extracts of interviews with the different singers, as if it was a way to honour them.

Paradoxically, if Brain Damage is considered for many years as one of the main actors of the French and International dub scene, «Talk the talk» seems to be is his first real dub album.

If it’s similar to a stylistic exercise, “Talk the Talk” is an essential piece inside a larger project where a documentary (“Walk the Walk”) allows to understood the whole project. In fact, the director Wasaru had joined Brain Damage during his journey in Jamaica. It was a great opportunity for him not only to create an artistic work but also to hear these legends telling their childhood memories. This serie has a heritage value. In this 8 episodes coming from the web series”Walk the Walk” we can find a photo of the 60s and 70s Jamaican life, anecdotes about the different characters, mythical events of the Island (Bob Marley, Tosh Pete) and intimate confessions.
The English expression «talk the talk, walk the walk » means to turn our words into actions is perfectly illustrated by this project due to every intellectual aspect well thought out earlier than the realisation.

01 – Youts Dub feat Horace Andy
02 – Mama Dub feat Horace Andy
03 – Fyah Dub feat Willi Williams
04 – Pray Dub feat Willi Williams
05 – Lion Dub feat Winston Mc Anuff
06 – Birthday Dub feat Winston Mc Anuff
07 – Vamp Dub feat Kiddus I
08 – Grandma Dub feat Kiddus I
09 – Walk the Dub feat Ras Michael
10 – Love Dub feat Ras Michael
11 – Music First Dub feat Stephen Stewart
12 – Humpty Dumpty Dub feat Sam Clayton
13 – Garden of Dub