Nils Frahm & Anne Muller - 7fingers

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Pianino i wiolonczella - to już brzmi dobrze. A jeśli dodać, że "Siedem Palców" tworzyły dwie utalentowane głowy i cztery ręce: Nils Frahm (fortepian) i Anne Müller (wiolonczella) to brzmi już bardzo intrygująco. To nie jest muzyka współczesna w tradycyjnym ujęciu, to raczej jej elementy wrzucone do awangardowego młynka wraz z elektronicznym glitchem. Tak mogłaby brzmieć nowoczesna filharmonia.

Apart from her work with the Wolf-Ferrari-Ensemble and classical violoncello engagements, Anne Müller has often been an enthusiastic escort, the smallest string orchestra possible, surprising and fulfilling the vague string desires of bands and collectives – Sdnmt, Phillip Boa, Klez.E – with a profound knowledge and brave ideas. Now she discovers and invents new ways for herself, now she bestows new freedom and new borders upon herself and her instrument: Loops, songs, landscapes, faults and acoustic glitches find their place in her performance, and her performance finds its place among them.

The other half of the Müller-Frahm reciprocity encompasses a multitude of notes, sounds, harmonies, melodies. Nils Frahm‘s biographical orbit is filled with sound sources, production and composing possibilities. He makes analogue joy and digital ecstasy complement and enhance one another rather than playing the old off against the new. As the recognition continues to grow for both of his solo piano works, ‘The Bells’ and ‘Wintermusik’, 2010 will see his third release on Erased Tapes Records as well as extensive tours alongside Balmorhea, Rachel Grimes and many others.

Two heads, four hands, 7 fingers that want to and are able to, that search and that find. Their company are raging and resting machines, algorithms, oscillations and scratches at the window. They create the broken orchestra, the smooth club drive, the acoustic reflections, fireworks, tiny gramophones. „7fingers“ dissolves into sound, combines into rhythm, becomes pulse and motion and sleep and acceleration. Nils Frahm and Anne Müller, cello and piano and all that is good and music.


Let My Key Be C         
Show Me Your Teeth         
Because This Must Be         
Journey For A Traveller         
Reminds To Teeth         
Long Enough