Made To Break - Trebuchet [vinyl]

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The new album combines again the trademarks of Made To Break: the soulful and grooving play of Ken Vandermark (one of the key musicians/composers in the current free jazz scene) on reeds with the filigran electronic distortions and loops of Christof Kurzmann, with a solid rhythm layer by the young Dutch bassist lloopp Jasper Stadhouders and drummer Tim Daisy. An unusual "jazz" record, fascinating so much the more. Personnel: Ken Vandermark - reeds; Christof Kurzmann - electronics; lloopp Jasper Stadhouders - bass; Tim Daisy - drums. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bob Weston.

1 Hydroplane (for Shellac)
2 Contact Sheet [Edit] (for Susan Sontag)
3 Slipping Words Against Silence (Kerry James Marshall)