Brom - Sunstroke [vinyl]

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a young and exciting band from Moscow new to our label family
extensive linernotes by Mats Gustafsson: (...) This music kicks serious ass.

Dmitry Lapshin - electric bass
Anton Ponomarev - saxophone
Yaroslav Kurilo - drums

Hard to believe that these Russian guys were stricken by the sun, but you can be sure that they were hit by something as powerful and nourishing as the sun. Seriously badass!!!, as Gustafsson says - Eyal Hareuveni, Free Jazz Blog, 2018

The album marks the heaviest and most uncompromisingly experimental step for the band - Ben Willmott, Gigwise, 2018

They develop an off-the-cuff sound, but one that is grounded in thought and method - Tim Niland, Jazz´n´Blues Blogspot, 2018


Recording: DTH Studio
Mix: Leonardo Perez (DTH)
Mastering: Lorenzo Steccioni
Artwork: Dmitry Lapshin
Publisher: Cien Fuegos

1 Plunge into an ice hole
2 Tuna
3 Sunstroke
4 Queue
5 Urtica
6 Hematoma
7 Mingus 30° C