16-17 - Phantom Limb [vinyl + downlaoadcode]

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Massive industrial noise and free jazz blasts from the past,16-17 returning with new material after 25 years. Founded 1983 in Basel by saxophonist Alex Buess and former drummer Knut Remond, they have been shaping the forefront of a new sound area. Playing an abrasive distorted mix of dub, hardcore and free jazz that lead to a meeting of likeminded heavy heads that temporally took part in the band e.g. Kevin Martin (The Bug, Techno Animal) or G.C. Green (Godflesh). After marking their presence and extensive European tours, the band officially split up in 2000. The basis of the new LP Phantom Limb was recorded in 1995 by a new line-up with Alex Buess, Damian Bennett (Techno Animal) and Michael Wertmüller (Full Blast, Nohome, Alboth) additionally expanded by vocalist and writer Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow) and Kasia Meow.

Line up
Alex Buess: Saxes & Bassclarinet, Electronics, Voice
Damian Bennett: Bass
Michael Wertmüller: Drums
Eugene S. Robinson: Voice, Lyrics
Roger Graf: E-Guitar, Dobro, Voice
Kasia Meow: Voice
Daniel Buess: Drums

1 The Hate Remains the Same
2 Interruptus
3 Words of Warning
4 Crash
5 Bender
6 Subliminal Song
7 Asia’s Lullaby