Phil Niblock - Touch Food

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RE-PRESS. Long out of print, this CD was one of the albums of the year in The Wire (UK), 2003

Phill Niblock is a sixty-something New York based minimalist composer, multi-media musician and director of Experimental Intermedia. He's worked with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo on 'Guitar two, for four'. Since 1968 Phill has also put on over 1000 concerts in his loft space, including Ryoji Ikeda, Zbigniew Karkowski and Jim O'Rourke. An album without melody or rhythm. Movement is slow, geologically slow. Changes are almost imperceptible, and his music has a tendency of creeping up on you. In the music of Phill Niblock, we are confronted with the aural equivalent of trompe-l'oeil. Apparently static clouds of harmonically dense material turn out to be not so static as they appear. What's more, one has the distinct impression that the music is changing spatially over time. How is all of this possible? The key is in Niblock's use of time. In his music, the experience of time is very slow and continuous. There are no disruptive, discontinuous musical events to disrupt the flow of time. Time is suspended. Niblock's music gives the impression of having always been and continuing to be. Yet, this is not the idea of Being as stasis. Each time one feels that Niblock's music isn't changing, one realizes that it is never the same, an yet, always the same. Being and Becoming as one. Moving Immobility.'


1 Sea Jelly Yellow [clip]
2 Sweet Potato [clip]
3 Yam Almost May [clip]
4 Pan Fried Part 1 [clip]
5 Pan Fried Part 2 [clip]
6 Pan Fried Part 3 [clip]
7 Pan Fried Part 4 [clip]
8 Pan Fried Part 5 [clip]