Wasa Wasa - Fabulous Rhythm'n'Blues Shakers on the Dancefloor 1952-1968 [vinyl]

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and invites you to put on your dancing shoes.

Though it's also our way of getting back to you with a new
Dr Boogie Presents' compilation album. This time, I opted for Rhythm'n'Blues, Soul, and a few asides in this black music that was so often dominated by fantastic singers through most of the '60s. Rhythm'n'Blues defines a music style born out of the Blues and Gospel. Played by black musicians in the early '40, Rhythm'n'Blues was first called'Race Music'.
In 1949, as the US magazine Billboard published an article by Jerry Wexler, the 'Race Music' hit list became the Rhythm and Blues hit list. The expression aligns the word 'Rhythm' for a fast tempo and the word 'Blues' for the 12-Bar rule. This genre was black bands' thing. At a certain point young blacks and whites were increasingly listening to the same music, but they didn't know it yet.
Rhythm'n'Blues would become the vector that would let black music infiltrate white popular music and pave the way for the emergence of Rock'n'Roll. The arrival of Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, L.A. and Memphis record labels on the Rhythm'n'Blues scene made it possible for numerous regional styles to develop. Mid-sixties, Rhythm'n'Blues would morph into Soul, which would bow down to Funk circa 1974. Wasa Wasa presents you artists often little known, and released by labels that weren't better known for the most part. Let's dance, shout, groove and sweat... Fun is the word !