Oiseaux-Tempete - Unworks & Rarities (2012-2015) [vinyl - golden LP]

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Compiling unreleased and miscelleanous pieces: a cinematic and poetic voyage orchestrated by the Oiseaux-Tempête's core duo: Frédéric D. Oberland & Stéphane Pigneul.
Following their two acclaimed first albums (S/T, 2013 & ÜTOPIYA?, 2015), UNWORKS & RARITIES is putting up more than a collection of outtakes. Pushing new boundaries, this opus crystallizes precious moments of sonic bloom, from ambient soundscapes to free-noise and krautrock inflected improvisation.
Including previous guests as Gareth Davis on bass clarinet and G.W. Sok (ex The Ex) on vocals, UNWORKS & RARITIES features also Christine Ott on Ondes Martenot and drummers Ben Mc Connell, Sylvain Joasson & Jean-Michel Pirès.


01. Eclipse & Sirocco 10'20
02. Quai de l'Exil 9'10
03. No Go(l)d No Master 5'07
04. Black As Midnight On A Moonless Night 4'22
05. The Strangest Creature On Earth 8'26
06. Nec Mergitur 3'35