KOSMOSE - Kosmic Music From The Black Country [2CD]

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2CD digipack + 20 page booklet

Never released before recordings from Mythic Kosmiche belgian band Kosmose (1973-78).

Kosmose can be approached as a collective without a specific leader. The line-up fluctuated quite a lot around a rock-solid core formed by Alain Neffe and Francis Pourcel. As you will hear, their sound evolved from something deeply influenced by Kosmische Musik to a purely improvised form of noisy free jazz. The whole adventure took place in the heart of the '70s, almost under wraps, though most rehearsals were taped by Neffe.

disc 1
01 The Second Untitled Track 6'40
02 The Third Untitled Track 9'30
03 The Fourth Untitled Track 4'20
04 The Fifth Untitled Track 5'45
05 The Ninetieth Untitled Track 9.00 
06 The Tenth Untitled Track  9.10
07 The Eleventh Untitled Track 8.40
08 The Sixth Untitled Track 13'30
disc 2
01 The Seventh Untitled Track 22'40
02 The Twelfth Untitled Track 28.00
03 The Eighth Untitled Track  18'56