Cabaret Contemporain - Moondog [vinyl]

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French band Cabaret Contemporain revisiting Moondog - the New York's Viking sung by two Scandinavian sirens.

Cabaret Contemporain invites the two swedish singers Linda Olah and Isabel Sörling to give a tribute to the composer Moondog. The 7 musicians are focusing especially on the Moondog's songs to offer the public a new way to appreciate this too little known music.

Cabaret Contemporain is a five french musicians band from Paris who are playing électro music with acoustic prepared instruments (piano, electric guitar, drums, 2 doublebasses). The band started to play in 2012 and used to play different sets crossing electro-music and classic-music (John Cage Project with Etienne Jaumet, Terry Riley revisited with Chateau flight, The Man Machine with Linda Olah and Tribute to Moondog with Linda Olah and Isabel Sörling). The band used to play all over the countries which are curious to discover this new approach of LIVE Music.


01 my tiny butterfly
02 i love you
03 do your thing
04 i am just a hop head
05 why spend the dark night with you
06 maybe
07 Paris
08 trees against the sky
09 enough about human rights
10 all is loneliness
11 high on a rocky ledge