O - When Plants Turn Into Stones [vinyl]

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◯ is:

Levi Netto – Drums, Percussion
Ben Graad – Guitar
Jan Bruschle – Bass
Kay Habets – Hurdy Gurdy
Yves Lennertz – Guitar,Keyboard, Vocals

◯ isn´t just the letter. ◯ is the circle symbol and at the same time the name of this five piece band from the border region (Belgium/ Netherlands/ Germany) around Aachen, Germany. In summer 2010 they got together with the aim to create spheric musical and visual landscapes. Their music wants to take the audience on a turbulent journey somewhere between ambient and postrock and sometimes you can guess their musical roots found in punk/hardcore. Finding themselves musically placed between bands like GYBE or Sigur Ros and having shared the stage with bands like Earth, Chelsea Wolfe or 65 Days Of Static, they found an own approach having integrated a stunning instrument like the hurdy-gurdy.


1 Enstanden im Schatten wie Wasser

2. How Polished Boulders Carried Us Along

3. Lack Of Interest In Things They Used To Do

4. When Plants Turn Into Stones

5. Sometimes I Forget To Breathe

6. I Offer My Hands To The Shades

CD comes as 6-panel-digipac! The music is devoted to six chapters in the circle of life. The perpetual becoming and passing, and perhaps the secret desire of humans to live in harmony with nature and the universe.

In „When Plants Turn Into Stones“ we are confronted with prolific yet careful, deliberate and sometimes impressionistic sounds. Each instrument, as well as the voices, arise from the distinguished and organic mastering by Harris Newman. Newman already mastered bands such as Arcade Fire, Silver Mt. Zion or Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

„When Plants Turn Into Stones“ is an acoustic journey that you should enjoy with your headphones on! The listener is launched into a timeless musical journey through unknown territory and melodic landscapes. This evokes memories of „Millions Now Living Will Never Die! (1996) by Tortoise.