16 Horsepower - Yours Truly [2CD]

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Podwójne CD w pięknym digipaku legendarnej grupy Sixteen Horsepower! Na jednym krążku tzw. the best of wybrane przez fanów grupy, na drugim rarytasy - kawałki niepublikowane, demo, nagrania radiowe i strony B.

?Influenced by folk?s more whacked out, gloomy, voodoo-visioned forebears, 16 Horsepower ? narrate their haunting campfire-punk yarns without a modern-day care in the world. Instead, David Eugene and his melancholia-drenched posse of LA dreamers prefer the dark grandeur that only comes with mournful swathes of countrified guitar, of heavy-hearted violins, pianos and accordions, of lonesome banjo-picking and Ennio Morricone tautness. Add a dash of Dylan-esque roots-philosophy and the result is a forlorn dustbowl saloon bar where Nick Cave woefully sinks bourbons with the Gun Club only moments after a loved one?s funeral parade. ? Sometimes, you just have to accept that there?s, ahem, nothing as pure as folk.? (NME on the album Secret South in 2000)

10 years after the NME raved on 16 Horsepower, Glitterhouse is proud to present a tremendous collection of classic songs and lost treasures.
CD 1 is a true ?Best Of?. Compiled by fans and music lovers around the globe by voting on various websites, each participant was requested to list his 10 favourite 16 HP songs. The result is a tasteful collection of the band?s core and it surely deserves the title ?Best Of?. To add more value we decided to include the two runner-ups here as well.
CD 2 collects 13 songs that were never released on the official albums. Single B-Sides, Demo versions, radio sessions ? stuff that even the most avid fan might not have in his collection.


People?s choice / Best of

1) Black Soul Choir (1996, ?Sackloth?n?Ashes?)
2) American Wheeze (1996, ?Sackloth?n?Ashes?)
3) Splinters (2000, ?Secret South?)
4) Haw (1995, EP ?Sixteen Horsepower?)
5) For Heaven's Sake (1998, ?Low Estate?)
6) Clogger (2000, ?Secret South?)
7) Hutterite Mile (2002, ?Folklore?)
8) Poor Mouth (2000, ?Secret South?)
9) Cinder Alley (2000, ?Secret South?)
10) Low Estate (1998, ?Low Estate?)
11) I Seen What I Saw (1996, ?Sackloth?n?Ashes?)
12) Strawfoot (2000, ?Secret South?)

B-sides & Rarities

1) Phyllis Ruth (b-side from Heel on the Shovel CD-Si 1995, deleted)
2) Flowers In My Heart (b-side from Heel on the Shovel CD-Si 1995, deleted)
3) Dead Run (b-side from Heel On The Shovel CD-Si 1995, deleted)
4) American Wheeze (Radio session recording from1995, originally appeared on V/A - Radio Asylum Vol. 1, deleted,)
5) Black Soul Choir (Radio session recording, 1996, originally appeared on V/A - Beat Up Bosnia, deleted)
6) Bad Moon Rising (b-side from For Heaven?s Sake CD-Si 1997, deleted)
7) Worry (b-side from For Heaven?s Sake CD-Si 1997, deleted)
8) The Partisan (A-side of the French CD-Single ?The Partisan? 1998, deleted)
9) Fire Spirit (b-side from The Partisan CD-Si 1998, deleted)
10) Cinder Alley (previously unreleased demo version from 1999)
11) Poor Mouth (previously unreleased demo version from 1999)
12) Clogger (Remix from Clogger CD-Si 2000, deleted)
13) De-railed (b-side from Splinters CD-Si 2001, deleted)