Peter Broderick - Music For Confluence

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Muzyka do filmu "Confluence" skomponowana przez Petera Brodericka.

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'Music for Confluence' is yet another excellent full-length from Peter Broderick, and this time he goes back to the lush, glacial orchestrations of his debut 'Float'. It's probably the cold Berlin winter and the fact that Broderick has an apartment just above a piano store that did it, and these touching vignettes are as beautiful as anything the young virtuoso has released to date. Strings heave and exhale cautiously over delicate field recordings and Broderick's signature pointed pianowork while occasional snippets of vocals erupt hauntingly. It's hardly surprising that the music was composed initially for a harrowing documentary about murders and missing persons in Iowa in the 1980s. Like his previous score work however, 'Music For Confluence' is an album which works just as well without the visuals as it no doubt works with them. It has a narrative all of its own, and enough emotional heft to keep us in awe from beginning to end. A beautiful album, and one that comes with two thumbs up from us.