Cindytalk - Up Here In The Clouds

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9 tracks:

the eighth sea
we are without words
i walk until i fall
guts of london
switched to lunar
hollow stare
the anarchist window
multiple landings
up here in the clouds

recordings by gordon sharp 2003 - 2010 at the mid-levels (hk) but mainly at roi vert, okamoto japan.
mastered at piethopraxis, june 2010

artwork by david coppehnall

Up Here In The Clouds is the second installment in the new Cindytalk sound which started llast years The Crackle Of My Soul. Whereas Crackle was more of a blistering burner, Clouds has a fresher cooler sound to iit, with longer tracks that slowly evolve in great patches of aural beauty. The sound that Gordon Sharp and co create now is a unique blend of cracked electronics, near awkward ambient textures that always seem to flow smoothly like the most natural of sounds around, building up a great set of modern electronic music which closes with the child like melody of the title track.
Superbly packaged with new David Coppenhall artwork in a 4-panel digipack.