VARIOUS: "King Size Dub Special:Dubblestandart" (2CD)

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Podwójne CD z serii King Size Dub, w specjelnej cenie, poświęcone wiedeńskiej formacji Dubblestdart.

Echo Beach - Dubblestandart - proudly presents a bassy full time flavour and the 15th album by Dubblestandart

After the last releases Woman In Dub and Dubblestandart In Dub the band is on the way to work and promote their new album which will see the daylight in October 2015!!!  In the meantime they will contribute in the very famous and dub serie KING SIZE DUB. The double CD is limited to 3000 copies and will be available for a very special low price.

The content of these very special KING SIZE DUB release is a showdown of Dubblestandart classics, new tunes from the upcoming album and mostly unreleased mixes. A colourful journey that ranges from lover’s reggae, dub poetry to Dub Step and Trap…!

Since 1990 Dubblestandart released 14 full length albums, several 12 & 7inches, with features on more than 70 compilations. Their collaborating artists list includes Lee Perry, Ari Up, David Lynch, Ken Boothe, Adrian Sherwood, Sly & Robbie, Dillinger, Anthony B., Elephant Man, William S. Burroughs, Mad Prof. and others!

Performing shows all over Euroland as well as Canada and the US saw them even perform live in Central Park NYC with Lee Perry & Ariup during the legendary Summer stage concerts 2009.Their production’s with NYC’s Subatomic Sound System Labels are known as an inspirational basis for cutting edge & progressive bass music.

Quality control tracks as a further proof that Dubblestandart’s productions are getting stronger and heavier with every release. Chill out and enjoy a great 2015 with new Dubblestandart bass music!

Double CD – 29 tracks – 152 minutes playtime

CD 1

1.     Consumers Addiction (Original Version) 6:11  *

2.     Marijuana Dreams (Dub) 5:36

3.     Outernational Dub ft. Oskar Werner 5:30 * (from the new album)

4.     Chrome Optimism ft. David Lynch (Lion Dub Remix) 4:42  *

5.     Spirits Dub ft. Gu Gabriel 5:28 *

6.     Welcome To Europe  8:09 * (from the new album)

7.     Soulmate ft. Ari Up (Adrian Sherwood Dub Remix) 5:07 *

8.     10 Tons Of Dope ft. Dillinger (Robo Bass Hifi Remix) * 3:14

9.     Into The Fire ft. Banth Singh MC Dehli Sultante  5:25 *

10.   Watch The Future (Heavy Monster Dub) 5:31*

11.   Dem Can´t Stop From Talk ft. Anthony B. (Fuzzy Logic Funky RMX)  6:22 *

12.   Stay Calm & Carry On  ft. Hoda (Robo Bass Hifi Remix) * 3:13

13.   Island Girl ft. Ari Up  (J-Star Remix) 4:05

14.   I Do Voodoo ft. Lee Scratch Perry (Umberto Echo Dub Remix) 5:23

·         Unreleased

CD 2

15.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Remix) 6:31

16.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Kid Kenobi Remix) 6:20

17.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Grand Phabao Dub) 3:28

18.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Moshi Remix) 4:55

19.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Skip „Little Axe“ McDonalds Remix) 5:23

20.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Alpendub Remix) 6:03

21.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Salz Remix) 6:49

22.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Victor Rice Remix) 3:39

23.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Dubvisionist Remix) 6:35

24.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Mix´n Blend Remix) 4:10

25.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Dropshop Remix) 5:53

26.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Wrong Toms Close Teng Remix) 4:12

27.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (KLB  Remix) 5:51

28.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Oliver Frost Remix ) 4:16

29.    Holding You Close ft. Marcia Griffiths (Robo Bass Hifi Remix) 4:56