Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - LIVE IN DUB & The Victor Rice Remixes

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Rasta-kowboje powracają! Mięsisty, przyprawiony jamajskim miodem dub grany na żywo to wizytówka zespołu. Album składa się z koncertowych wersji kilkunastu utworów oraz z remixów. Muzyków-instrumentalistów wspomaga na albumie dwóch speców od dubu: Munich i Umberto Echo.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill are back with a bang, back in their favourite place: on stage. The new album with the Dub Cowboys is a blast of sheer live energy that slips down as nicely as Jamaican honey. We hear them as they are, follow them as they rev up and take off. The tracks on this album were recorded at various concerts last year. Each track is so catchy you'll struggle to stop humming it. It pulses in your stomach, it breathes under your skin and it glitters in your ears. This band is tight! They fly low like a giant bee, but flit off at a tangent at lightly as a butterfly.

The Swiss musicians have worked with the Hamburg-based dub label Echo Beach since 2006, and to date the collaboration has produced five albums. Another equally prominent protagonist on this project is the Munich sound and dub specialist Umberto Echo, who for the past two years has regularly accompanied the band on tour and who performs on the mixing desk as a fifth instrumentalist. Echo does echo and Echo knows what it takes to keep the cowboys in the saddle, letting them trot for hours and hours. Umberto Echo recorded and produced the tracks on this album. His sound is like a magnifying glass in Dub Spencer & Trance Hill's space and it ticks all the boxes and more.

The nine live tracks are supplemented by six remixes by the acclaimed dub technician Victor Rice. The New York-born artist, who played bass for The Scofflaws Ska, has lived in Sao Paulo since 2002. Here, in 2004, he recorded his debut album "In America", which explores and refines dub techniques. Unlike the old school pioneers King Tubby or Augustus Pablo, the influence of ska is very noticeable in his remixes.

"LIVE IN DUB" bears the unmistakable hallmark of Dub Spencer & Trance Hill. It glows with irresistible grooves, languorous depth, melodious beauty, cool soundscapes. Far removed from purism, these tracks open the hatches in the dubby twilight and flood the horizon with breathtaking keyboards and silvery guitar solos. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill are not a sound system - they're a band, as this album very clearly shows. Their lightness is exhilarating. It's remarkable how the four musicians manage to absorb goa ambient flows and rock riffs without shattering the dub universe.

"LIVE IN DUB" delivers fully on its promise. We see the masses moving their feet and nodding their heads, and we can sense just how the groove rumbles deeply on and on. It boils, it bubbles and explodes in gentle waves. This album has it all. We'll never have to wait for another Dub Spencer & Trance Hill again - and we'll jump at the chance to see this brilliant band live on stage again!


01. Rasta Pasta
02. A Fistful Of Dub
03. Black Princess Lady
04. Armagideon Time
05. This Is England
06. Lychee
07. Goboi
08. Trance On Hill
09. Supercops

The Victor Rice Remixes:
10. Dub Cup
11. When I Fall In Love feat. Ken Boothe
12. A Fistful Of Dub
13. London Calling
14. Smoke On The Water feat. William White
15. The World Is Dub Enough