ISYSXAE - hyper nature [vinyl clear limited +CD]

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Premiera: 18.03.2022

To nie jest płyta tłoczona. This is not a pressed vinyl.
To wycinany przez Wujka Gusstaffa w czasie rzeczywistym lathe-cut. It's a lathe-cut, cut by Uncle Gusstaff in the realtime.
Limited, numbered. Only 66 clear vinyl 12" records with bonus CD in a paper sleeve.

ISYSXAE, formed during the joyful spring of 2021, they construct abrasive dialogs, extend harsh sonic veils, corrupt the silence and remain in his habitat, a realm of dangerous, raw and ecstatic timbre.

Tom Chant, saxophonist and improviser, has worked with artists including Sunny Murray, Toshimaru Nakamura and Gerry Hemingway. Currently active groups include the Cinematic Orchestra, the Eddie Prévost Trio and Stripped Abstract.

Ferran Fages, improviser and composer, has been active since the end of the 1990's. He plays guitar, acoustic turntable and electronics: "feedback mixing board", pick-ups and oscillators. He has shared stage with musicians like Christine Abdelnour, Angharad Davies, Will Guthrie, Ingar Zach and Mark Wastell. He is currently leading diferent projects such as Phicus, LLUMM and Tàlveg.

Pere Xirau, percussionist and improviser, after studying in conservatories from Barcelona and Denmark, he developed an interest for improvised music, avantgarde and other extreme and radical genres. He has worked with other artists including Àlex Reviriego, Àngel Faraldo, Nuno Rebelo and Alfredo Costa Monteiro. He is leading another project with the same members from ISYSXAE, joined by Àlex Reviriego, called "Senobi".

Produced by Alex Reviriego.
Mixed by Pablo Miranda
Mastered by Lasse Marhaug
Cover Image by H5IO6I54K
Layout & Design by Teo Blanc