Hugo Race & The True Spirit - Embryo / Virus Of The Mind [vinyl 7"EP limited]

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Limit 66 numerowanych sztuk, 7" EP wycinane na magicznej maszynce Wujka Gusstaffa. Każda płyta robiona jest w czasie rzeczywistym!

Singiel zapowiadający nową płytę Hugo Race & The True Spirit "Star Birth" (10/2020).

2 tracks:
A: Embryo (edited track from new forthcoming album in October) and B: instrumental "Virus Of The Mind".

7" will be limited, only 66 numbered copies worldwide, cut on the Uncle Gusstaff's magic machine in the real time.

‘Embryo’ and its B-side ‘Virus Of The Mind’ (release date July 17th on Gusstaff Records through Helixed/MGM) is the first startling single from the astonishing forthcoming album by Hugo Race & The True Spirit – ‘Star Birth’ (release date October 2020).
‘Star Birth’ is international maverick and music icon Hugo ace’s 20th album with his band of True Spirits. Recorded while the raging inferno of apocalyptic bushfires burned Australia to the ground and mixed as the covid-19 pandemic hit, the lyrics of Embryo are weirdly prescient – “they say it’s a virus of the contagious kind, a stone cold killer virus of the mind, its in the food and in the water, lies lies lies and they never stop
coming even when we die…”

With ‘Star Birth’ (and its twin album ‘Star Death’), Hugo’s True Spirit deliver a lush, sonic love letter of rock, dramatic orchestration, hypnotic minimal techno and blues. Race’s songwriting is dark yet powerfully uplifting – he sings about the times in which we live with exquisite pathos and depth, like he’s singing just for you. Hugo’s alchemical fusion has gained him an international audience and a network of collaborators, promoters and labels, releasing multiple albums and projects under many different names. In 2016, Hugo’s first book, a memoir, ‘Road Series’, was published by Transit Lounge.
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The True Spirit – Hugo Race, Michelangelo Russo, Nico Mansy, Chris Hughes, Bryan Colechin, Brett Poliness.
Recorded by Andrew ‘Idge’ Hehir at Soundpark, Melbourne. Additional recording by Dugald Jayes. Further recording Los Angeles by Nico Mansy, and by James Masson at Klangton Studio, Berlin.
The album was produced by Hugo at his Helixed studio in Melbourne.
Published by Peermusic.