Eartaker - Harmonics [vinyl 2LP]

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Premiera: 28.05.2019

GOTH-TRAD formed new unit "EARTAKER" with Diesuck(vocal) and Masayuki Imanishi(noise) in 2017.


Their doomful & dissonant sound with Diesuck's low scream feels like music that can be heard from the gap between end of the world and the new world. It is hard to categorize to any genre.

Their 1stdebut album will be coming on U.A.E. label "Bedouin Records".


2017年、GOTH-TRADがDiesuck(vocal)とMasayuki Imanishi(noise)とともに始めた新ユニット"EARTAKER"。


U.A.E.の気鋭レーベル"Bedouin Records"より1stデビューアルバムのリリースを控える。



1 Our Possession [clip]
2 Iron Trivet [clip]
3 Nue [clip]
4 Ground Spider [clip]
5 A Lady Who Experienced Necromancy [clip]
6 Killing Stone [clip]
7 Stupa [clip]
8 Dojo-ji Temple [clip]
9 Black Mound [clip]