Malka Spigel - Hide [CD]

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Malka's first solo release since 1993's critically acclaimed Rosh Ballata album (WM1). It features 4 new pieces from Malka with three remixes by Incarnate, Immersion & GMan/Nigel Walker.

Malka's music is pop seen through a distrorting mirror, subverted & fractured by the more abstract
influences of her other projects (including Immersion, Colin Newman's solo work, etc.) "Returning
Wheel" was previously recorded by Malka's old group Minimal Compact.

Incarnate smooth out the disjointed rhythms of "I Just Want" turning the piece into a luscious
monster. Immersion reduce "Returning Wheel" to it's barest elements, and the g-man (Gez Varley
of LFO) trashes "Hide" into a rampaging behemoth.