Lydia Lunch - Marchesa

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  • Producent: Rustblade
  • Dostępność: Jest
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Najnowsza płyta Lydii Lunch, nareszcie dostępna także na CD!

Special Digipack 6 Panels + Lyrics Book

Lydia Lunch has never concealed her influence for a certain kind of literature. With Marchesa she pays homage to the writing and stories of the Marquis De Sade who has always been a great inspiration for her. With this album Lydia transports us into a world of sadism, perversion and pleasure.

Accompanying her in this literary voyage there is a background of dissonant sounds, distorted orchestration and ambient noises composed by Stefano Rossello (Bahntier, Ketvector) and by Lunch herself.A sensual and perverse homage to sadism, spirituality and fulfilment.

It is certainly one of Lydia Lunch’s most complete and shocking works. An absolute must!


01 Cruelty 02 Voluptuous Machines 03 Poor Pathetic Creatures 04 Polyphony 05 Nature Herself

06 Defiant Existence 07 Encyclopedia of Disaster 08 Cursed Folly 09 Predator