Lustmord - The Word As Power [vinyl 2LP]

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  • Producent: Blackest Ever Black
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released July 13, 2013

All material conceived and produced by B. Lustmord / BMI apart from Babel & Chorazin which are based on traditional elements.
Recorded at scientific electric Los Angeles 2009-2012.

Aina Skinnes Olsen: The voice of Babel, Goetia, Chorazin and Y Gair.

Jarboe: The voice of Andras Sodom.

Maynard James Keenan: The voice of Abaddon.
Recorded by Josh Eustis. With thanks to Mat Mitchell.

Soriah: The voice of Grigori.
Recorded by Sean Flora at Rocket Science Recording, Portland, Oregon.

Mastering by Noel Summerville.

Illustration by Simon Fowler.

1. Babel 10:01
2. Goetia 05:00
3. Chorazin 17:32
4. Grigori 14:10
5. Andras Sodom 07:15
6. Abaddon 12:14
7. Y Gair 08:28