Kodiak - Kodiak [2CD]

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KODIAK are exploring limits. Even if their sound ranges from monolithic ultraheavy compositions to drone orientated experimental soundscapes, punctated used melodic riffing and guest appearances with strings or piano – that’s the common term to decribe their way of working. Before they start to write a three album concept series in 2012, they’re now offering a new collaboration LP with drone ambient legend N and a collection 2xcd of their work from their first 4 years as a band. This collection 2xcd contains all their output from the s/t debut full length LP, the split songs with NADJA and BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, and the new collaboration LP with N to a previously in that length unreleased track named “By the sea”. In total, a more than 2 hours long intensive and agitating trip. Beyond SUNN O))), SWITCHBLADE, and KODIAK there are not that many artists around who can initiate such an expressive mood. “KODIAK is not a band that you just play for enjoyment; it needs time and attention, but when it locks you in its slowly developing, pachyderm-paced punishing groove, KODIAK has a lot to offer, proving that monotony and monolithic heaviness are enough to make great songs, if you know how. Kodiak definitely know it!!!" (rock-a-rolla)