John Fairhurst - Joys of Spring

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?Truly exquisite.?
(The Guardian)

?All the slide guitars skills of Robert Johnson?
(Electric Ghost)

?What power and originality and freshness, a wonderful thing!?
(Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music)

?John Fairhurst is worth every bit of praise he's already garnered. Capable of creating jaw- dropping moments live, he is possibly the finest guitarist you'll ever see - and even better than that he is able to couple those skills with brilliant songwriting and a gravel-swilled belter of a voice. Search him out and prepare to be stunned.?
(Chris Long - BBC Manchester)

?As gripping as it is totally different. Trembling chords rise slowly out of the speakers like dark mist on a bayou, while Fairhurst?s Bangkok blues hang in the background, sliding in and out with steely precision.?
(Bearded Magazine)

?Joys of Spring is a truly great achievement. It?s an album of outstanding creativity, lush eastern melodies, and at its heart, John?s unbridled zest for life.?
(Piccadilly Records - Record of the week)

?This was what the Old Crow Medicine Show would sound like if Ravi Shankar became their musical director; a drum circle-cum-barn dance. Newcomers to John Fairhurst certainly won?t be forgetting his name in a hurry.?
(Manchester Music)

1. Obnox Stomp (50Hertz mix) (free) 04:05
2. Passing Time 02:57
3. Yew Tree Blues 01:45
4. At the River 04:26
5. Blues for Bill 02:57
6. Shivver 03:10
7. On the Run 03:46
8. Friends 04:21
9. How Far How Fast 06:35
10. Dawn 03:37
11. Joys of Spring 06:07