Imaginary Forces - Shift Work [vinyl]

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Arch underground agitator Anthoney J Hart slaves his guts out for your pleasure on Bedouin Records. 'Shift Work' is his 3rd vinyl issue as Imaginary Forces following the 'Corner Crew' 12" for his own label, Sleep Codes, and appears ahead of his Basic Rhythm release for Type.

Up top, he cracks out sawn-off, 'ardcore techno loops with 'Council Flat' and drops some grimacing, sisyphean funk in 'Shift Work' with a clearly disaffected but stoic thrust.

Underneath, Roly Porter unlocks 'Council Flat''s Kafkaesque dread loops with a proper demolition job in fast-fwd, pelting speedcore kickdrums and waves of atonal electronics against his asbestos-clad surfaces.



1 Council Flat [clip]
2 Shift Work [clip]
3 Council Flat (Roly Porter Burning Light Version) [clip]