HEAD FAKE - Live In The Area Of Prague DVD

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Koncert sekcji rytmicznej Living Colour.


    The Show Begins
    "Double Overtime"
    "No Release, No Surrender"
    "Head>>Fake In the Area"
    "Calhoun Drops Fifty"
    "Life in the Arena"
    "King of the Beat" w/Junior
    "Body to Burn"
    "Head>>Fake Exits the Area
    "Resistance of the Cell"
    "Yeah"/ Out of the Area
    Doug Interviewed
    "See You Guys"


    Czech Introduction
    Low-Register Jam
    Improvisational Tea
    We're Not a Band

Best known as the rhythm section in the Grammy Award-winning band Living Colour, Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun showcase their individual talents, performing as a bass/drum duo called HEAD>>FAKE. As HEAD>>FAKE, Doug and Will have the opportunity to display a virtuosity, often over shadowed when playing in a more traditional support role. So when HEAD>>FAKE was scheduled to play the Lucerna Music Bar (a popular nightclub in downtown Prague, Czech Republic), Doug and Will welcomed a proposal from local filmmaker Petr Tomaides' to document the event. Effectively capturing the night's high-energy performance, and later editing and cutting the film in an appropriately frenetic style, Tomaides has allowed us the opportunity to ride along as Doug and Will explore the outer limits of sound, opening our eyes (and ears) to what is musically possible by "JUST TWO GUYS." "IN THE AREA OF PRAGUE" is a fast-paced, day-in-the-life of HEAD>>FAKE ... from Doug and Will's arrival in Prague ... to an interesting afternoon sound check ... backstage, as Czech reporters ask Doug about his improvisational style and vivid musical past ... and of course ONSTAGE for the evening's INSPIRED PERFORMANCE.

With a level of intensity rarely seen in such a small club, Doug and Will command the stage, and conquer the room with their electrically charged set, combining their own collaborative compositions with rarities out of Doug's industrial/funk and hip-hop past. After experiencing "HEAD>>FAKE LIVE IN THE AREA OF PRAGUE" it's apparent why Doug and Will are considered one of the finest rhythm sections in rock 'n' roll, and the "Heart and Soul" of Living Colour.