Hastings Of Malawi - Axial Incidents (The X-Mas Album) [limited purple vinyl]

  • Producent: Sub Rosa
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
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"Finally and just in time for Christmas 2020 Hastings of Malawi release their third LP - the antithesis of Christmas albums.

In this bleak vinyl mid winter the sleigh bells have been replaced with twelve handsaws, two motor and a dustbin, a duet between a walrus and an autistic child on an aeroplane, a chorus of pigs and Tasmanian devils, sounds from Japan, China, Africa, Italy, India and Hawaii, digital voice synthesis, sound sculptures, randomly generated music, geiger counters, free improvisation and a rocket engine.

As with their first two albums this record continues to explore themes of communication and communication breakdown.

Is communication possible?
What is the message?
What is sound?
What is on the surface of a record?
What is beneath the surface of a record?

Hastings of Malawi provide the answer to these questions in the form of a 38 minute poem called Axial Incidents.