Golem Mecanique - Luciferis [MC-cassette]

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“Luciferis was composed as a dark doppelganger of the “Nona, Decima et Morta” LP. Luciferis is the first act of a Trilogy I : Luciferis/canto XXXIV/ Satan.
In “Nona...” I strove to create a lace of voices, an embroidery of several drones. I was searching for hope and brightness. Luciferis is a fight between the Inside and the Outside of any kind. I studied a lot of biblical representations—mostly the drawings of Gustave Doré.
Precisely “The fall of Lucifer”, his iconographic engravure of that fall has neither beginning nor end. This fall-inspired those two tracks.
As if we were trapped in the unreal battle of darkness versus light, unconsciousness and being awake, being aware of what we could never understand.
There is no voice in "Luciferis".
I replaced it with the guitars composed and performed by Thomas.
The human voice was useless.
You cannot sing as dark as evil or as bright as heaven.
It was useless trying.
The vision of Luciferis by William Blake in the Divine Comedy inspired me a lot too.
I travel between Doré, Dante, Milton and Blake.
This four are my favourite boy’s band."

1/ Cadere ( "to fall" in latin)
2/ Luceat ( "may he rises”)

–Karen Jebane, January 2021

All composed and performed by Golem Mecanique
and her special guest Thomas Bel.

Golem Mecanique / Drone Box
Thomas Bel / Guitar

Recorded and mixed in December 2020 at home by the mountains
Mastered by Lasse Marhaug.