Franz Hautzinger - Gomberg III-V - Airplay [CD]

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The alter ego Gomberg created by Austrian trumpeter Franz Hautzinger is a tool for him to "overcome his own limitations". Gomberg serves as a foil on which a second personality comes to life and does what he wants. The recordings on Gomberg III-V were made between 2006 and 2018, recorded in Vienna and Brest. Some of the tracks are occasion-related compositions or commissioned works, e.g. a signature for an art space or short works for films, some are the results of collaborations for theatre, performance artists, writers and poets, others are understood as space- or site-related works, and finally, based on musical diary notes. Gomberg III-V is a monumental work of trumpet art, whether it is a big orchestral piece or a delicate rhapsody, Hautzinger's trumpet work simply serves as a vehicle for crossing borders.

Recording: Franz Hautzinger
Production: Franz Hautzinger & Konstantin Drobil
Mastering: Martin Siewert
Artwork: Lasse Marhaug
Photos: Johannes Simon