Francisco Lopez - Wilderness Studio 2005-2019 / On-site Composition in the Wild (2CD)

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2xCD release - artist self‐released edition – 300 copies – September 2020
Between 2005 and 2019 I have been directing two consecutive incarnations of an annual residency/workshop at Mamori Lake in the Brazilian Amazon
(‘Mamori Sound Project’, 2005-2011) and Mmabolela Reserve in the South African savanna (‘Sonic Mmabolela’, 2013-2019), for composers, audio artists, sound designers and other creative individuals from all over the world(*). Its focus has been on creative approaches to the work with
environmental sound matter, through both recordings and profound listening, by means of an extensive and iconoclastic exploration of natural sound environments in those contrasting locations of rainforest and savanna, as well as a vigorous questioning of canonical conceptions of
so-called ‘field recordings’. At a personal level, these ‘sonic years’ in the Amazon rainforest and the African savanna have had a very profound effect on my experience and conception of sound as both a prodigious phenomenological conduit and an ontological entity in its own right, along with –not subservient to– the other creatures of the rainforest and the savanna.
This transcendental transformation has had fundamental outcomes for me, such as what I call ‘field listening’ (a post-media non
representational practice of profound listening in the field) and ‘sonogenic composition’ (a creative approach in which sound itself suggests and leads the compositional decisions, structure and nature). This double CD compilation presents the on-­‐site composition pieces I created with my portable minimal ‘wilderness studio’ during all the past years of this residency/workshop in the Brazilian Amazon and the South African savanna.

Released by ‘nowhere (worldwide)’. Supported by MOP Foundation.

Total length:
CD1: 67’08”
CD2: 54’47”