Finlay Shakespeare - Domestic Economy [vinyl 2LP]

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  • 1. Luleå (6:43)
  • 2. Dublin (8:58)
  • 3. Amsterdam (6:04)
  • 4. Pontyclun (5:33)
  • 5. Perris (6:28)
  • 6. Monadnock (6:41)
  • 7. Heston (5:20)
  • 8. Pittville (5:17)
  • 9. Benedict Canyon (5:50)
  • 10. Birmingham (9:00)
  • 11. Christiania (5:20)

All original material improvised whilst recorded live.
All revisions made to pre-existing material carried out at B17, July-August 2018.
All material by Finlay Shakespeare, except saxophone + clarinet on 03 by Zoë Hutton & bugle on 07 by Jamie Neale

Mastered by Russell Haswell.

Artwork by Nik Void.

The playful confidence that exudes Finlay Shakespeare’s practice is flagarenty laid out on Domestic Economy, his extraordinary debut full length. Domestic Economy displays two eventful sides evidencing the unique musical approach Shakespeare has developed in such a short period of time. Let’s get some facts straight, Finlay is young. And talented. His programming skills belie his years and one can detect a sharp appreciation of historical electronic pop whilst simultaneously developing a canny understanding as to where such a form exists in the current age. Shakespeare’s brazen lyrical content and significant melodic prowess highlight a brave new voice in what can often be an sterile aesthetic environment.

Domestic Economy bursts with edgy ecstatic electronic pop. A form not only unusual for Editions Mego (actually known for idolising such forms) but somewhat of a scarcity amongst the modern electronic landscape. Beling age, form and movement Domestic Economy is a damn near perfect amalgamation of historical respect and contemporary anxiety wrapped in an exquisite song-form package. Made in Bristol. Published in Wien. Delivered to all brains, like a wayward dream.