Zerfallmensch - Lotcrashers

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Zerfallmensch (German: human decay) is an aggressive noise improvisation group, consisting of haZMat and Ohm Resistance label founder Submerged. Eardrum piercing pure tones, microphones hung out ghetto windows, circuit bent electronic insect repellent devices, synthesizers, radio receivers, and other incorrectly used tools comprise a demonic buffet of sonic destruction. Following up Merzbow + Balazs Pandi as the label's second entry into the live, improvised Space Jazz series, Lotcrashers explores what could exist in a world of total musical freedom. The random embrace of AM radio psychotics couples with the emotional spin of Novation Bass Station dials, traps itself in the infinite repeat of the Effectron II and colors a world more intensely psychadelic than standard white noise research. Crossing the spectrum from ambient to noise to found element excavation to duo improvisation track after track, Lotcrashers concludes with a symphonic, 23 minute execution soundtrack. The possibility of all things happening at all times is the cornerstone of Zerfallmensch architecture - a recording that never disappoints in its spontaneity and complexity.


1 Sitting Current [clip]
2 Shape [clip]
3 Neighborhood [clip]
4 Stumm [clip]
5 Thoughts During a Plane Crash [clip]
6 People on PCP Are Difficult to Talk To [clip]
7 Watch Out [clip]
8 Dying Current [clip]