V/A - Made To Measure Vol.1 (remastered)

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Premiera: 11.06.2021

Crammed's legendary MADE TO MEASURE Series of New Music was described at the time as the aural equivalent of a collection of art books. Charting a map of some of the most interesting instrumental music of the era, thirty-five albums came out between 1983 and 1995, including works by artists such as Hector Zazou, John Lurie (his soundtracks for the Jim Jarmusch films), Fred Frith, Arto Lindsay, Zelwer, Steven Brown, Peter Principle, Harold Budd, Brion Gysin, David Cunningham, Benjamin Lew, Ramuntcho Matta, Karl Biscuit, Daniel Schell, Aksak Maboul, Minimal Compact and more. The loose idea behind the title of the series was: this is music which has been or could have been "made to measure" as a soundtrack for other media (film, theatre, dance, video). We'll also be rolling out selected vinyl reissues of some of the series' classic early releases, starting with the inaugural volume, MADE TO MEASURE VOL. 1, the multi-artist album from 1984, containing music created by Minimal Compact, Benjamin Lew, Aksak Maboul and Tuxedomoon for films, theatre plays and dance performances.

1 Bat-Yam - Minimal Compact
2 Too Many Of Them - Minimal Compact
3 Immer Vorbei - Minimal Compact
4 Animal Killers - Minimal Compact
5 AÇ La Recherche De B. - Benjamin Lew
6 Scratch Holiday - Aksak Maboul
7 Odessa - Aksak Maboul
8 Chez Les Futuristes Russes - Aksak Maboul
9 Ossip Et Lili - Aksak Maboul
10 Lili Danse - Aksak Maboul
11 Retour Chez Les Futuristes - Aksak Maboul
12 Mort De Velimir - Aksak Maboul
13 Fanfare - Tuxedomoon
14 No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition - Tuxedomoon
15 Driving To Verdun - Tuxedomoon