Tlahoun Gessesse - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol.4 [vinyl]

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Premiera: 03.09.2021

Compilation selected from the etiopiques CD series
A few years ago the world discovered a unique sound coming from the distant Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba. The emotional blow was only matched by the brightness of this original and magnificent discovery. The Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falcetto and edited by Buda Musique provides a comprehensive landscape of this subtle musical universe where local and western cultures do magnify each other. This new Ethiopian Urban Modern Music release follows the first Soul & Groove installment and keeps revealing some essential parts of the modern Ethiopian puzzle. An unequalled soul funk signature until today.

1 Alegntave
2 Kulun Mankwalesh
3 Aykedashem Lebe
4 Beyet New Mengedu
5 Ene Negn Wey Antchi
6 Yene Felagote
7 Tezalegn Yetentu
8 Tchuheten Betsemu
9 Lantchi Biye
10 Kulun Mankwalesh